Hi, I am Andrew Robotham

A photographer based out of the New York – New Jersey area. If you’re looking for simply beautiful and vibrant photography you’re in the right place. If I had to define my style it would be fashion forward with a modern twist. My Passion for making my clients happy is what drives me to be the best I can be. 

I collaborate with my customers, I do not control the entire shoot. I am always open to my customer’s ideas and needs for the shoot. I love colorful vibrant photos, as well as classic black and white photos. Laughter photos are always special to me because the smile is natural and the photo shows so much joy. It’s important that I capture closeness, love and affection amongst loved ones.


It all started after my wedding when my uncle gave me his Nikon Camera to take on my honeymoon. I had no clue how to use it, but still was able to capture some great pictures. As an Engineer by trade, I have a passion for figuring things out when I don't understand how they work. Having a camera I did not understand anything about was a challenge in the beginning. I started learning all the little details bit by bit and my love for photography began. I have been shooting nonstop since!